Einstein and Carlin Agree, All Things Are Relative


All things being relative can present quite a  problem for problem-solvers.

Einstein relativityYou might remember that the renowned physicist Albert Einstein sat on his couch dreaming up ways to mess with your head.  Finally, when nothing else would do, he proposed (with substantial evidence!) that light moved at a relative speed. He surmised that what you and I thought was the normal passing of time could seem shorter or longer, and either might be right.

Aside from the implications of his famous theory, E=mc^2, Einstein’s insights reveal personal involvement. We may not always interpret things as they indeed are. Our view could be a version of reality as it appears to our individual (or group) perception.

George Carlin


George Carlin, undoubtedly a world-class comic, had his take on the subject.  He told the story of the average driver, YOU, of course. ” Why is it, that when someone is driving slower than you on the road, you relativity and drivingcall them an idiot for not getting out of your way and picking up the pace.  But, he continued, if someone is driving faster than you, you call them an idiot?”

Again, it’s the law of relativity in action. Compared to you, who, of course, in your eyes, is driving the perfect speed, there is no excuse for the other driver’s poor performance.

(I appreciated and revised this comparison slightly from the extraordinary book, The Wisest One in the Room by Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross)

You have blind spots – relatively speaking

The 6D concept of decoding requires that you come face to face with the preconceived notions you bring to a problem.  Unless you are willing to decode the problem first and find out its true nature, solving it becomes exponentially more difficult.

Consider how we each react to time passing.  For some of us, we see time as a gift.  “Thank God for this time together,” grandma says as she gives you a welcome hug and invites you into her warm and crowded studio suite apartment.  You may be thinking quite the opposite. “I don’t have time for this today, but what choice do I have.  How do I tell granny that time is a’ ticking”?  Both people are experiencing the same amount of time. One feels there is plenty; the other feels there is never enough.

We bring our preconceived notions of events, people, circumstances, cultures, history, etc. to a situation. If we begin the problem-solving process, without first deciphering what is and what is not valid, we add to rather than help solve the problem.

Ground Zero for Problem-Solving

When you face a problem and prepare to solve it, start with your relative mind.  Realize that perception is everything.  Truth is a variable.  You may not agree with me morally, but when it comes to an understanding, we base our reality on our perception of what we believe are facts.  Start your process by allowing yourself a 360 view of the situation.

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