Deliberate Leadership

Deliberate Leadership is a conscious choice to use our influence to empower people to join our endeavor.

Writing a Life Letter to Design Your Future

Life Letters Beat Resolutions and Goals for Success Measurements Why write life letters instead of resolutions or even goals? It seems no matter how many resolutions or goals we set, very few come to pass.  In fact, psychologists estimate failure rates by February are...

The Speed of Problems

Speedy Growth and the Speed of Problems Problems are everywhere. Maybe you hope to bypass problems or assume that those that make it to the Forbes Billionaire list are immune. Truth is, the more success you have the more challenges you will have to overcome. The speed...

Forget the Resolutions and Reach Your Goals

Why Do New Year's Resolutions Fail? New Year's Resolutions fail most of the time. Oh, the agony!  All the work that goes into self-reflection, facing past failures and deciding to make a change.  Only to experience the awkwardness of a failed attempt at making...

Deliberate Influence

Influence can be a positive or negative experience. What is our responsibility in using influence, and how do we properly respond to the influence of others?

Delta Flight Attendant Delivers Magic

AUTHOR 375 Words 2:00 mins DELTA FLIGHT ATTENDANT DELIVERS MAGIC A few months ago, I was doing some training gig in the south. I took Delta airlines. As usual, my seat was comfortably positioned at the rear of the plane. I don’t mind that much honestly,...

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