In Harmony Training Team Members

Think Collaboration,
Not Competition

  • Love to Learn
  • Truly Enjoy Helping People
  • Are Able to Travel
  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Love to Smile and Have Fun
  • Are Between ages 25 and 92
  • Represent any Color of the Rainbow
  • Communicate with Savvy
  • and NEVER Miss a Day of Scheduled Training (excluding global disasters 🙂

If that person is you – and you love to teach and facilitate learning OR you are willing to learn how, we want to hear from you.

Send us your pitch. Be creative. Demonstrate your creativity and ability to capture our attention.

In Harmony Training is hiring

We are looking for extraordinary candidates that have a passion to contribute and would be fortunate enough to get paid to do it!

We are always looking for writers who #SeeDifferently!
Make your pitch.

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