Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

While coaching and mentoring are terms often used interchangeably, they are not the same skill set and don’t achieve the same results. We coach for measurable task outcomes, while we mentor through relationships toward growth. One is short-term and performance driven, while the other is development-driven over time, even a lifetime. In Coaching and Mentoring we address when to use which method and how to implement them as strategies in your successful leadership style.

  • There are different success parameters for both coaching and mentoring
  • Company culture influences the success of learning through relationships
  • Confidentiality and compliance – how secret can you be?
  • Identifying needs and developing action plans
  • Performance goals and guidelines to relationships
  • Accountability structures in coaching and mentoring
  • Assess your comfort level with both coaching and mentoring
  • Identify the guiding principles of both disciplines
  • Determine the compatibility of your organisation
  • Consider introductory steps to implement coaching in your team’s performance
  • Recognize immediate situations that require coaching and develop a 3-month strategy

We Focus On Integration

Integration is a major objective In Harmony Training. Students taking Coaching and Mentoring will be challenged to apply the course concepts, disciplines and habits into your individual circumstances. We work with synergistic learning methods – meaning we help students identify what is important in your life at the moment and help you to integrate the subject matter into that situation. From that point, it is easier to extrapolate the learning into your work environment and the specific challenges you face.

The Coaching and Mentoring course requires a one-hour homework assignment to prepare your thinking for the class. The actual class is a two-hour course and includes light refreshments. Following the course, your homework assignment will take approximately two hours and is focused on integration techniques.

As an additional bonus, if you have any questions or need to get some clarity, your trainer will be available by email for two full weeks after the course for mentoring.

LEAD Cards are available upon request. LEAD cards provide a one-paragraph description of the progress and or involvement of the student with the material. This is useful for companies sending employees and how they determine their ROI.

Not Included: Parking fees, travel expenses

About the instructor

Harmony Thiessen has a lifetime obsession – to see things differently.  That passion is the impetus behind her continued education in cultural and social psychology.  Her seeming limitless energy is focused to bring change to each individual in her audience.  Known for engaging and entertaining training in leadership, communication, team building and personal happiness, Harmony’s desire is to inspire the world to “see” life differently. After a 20-year career in humanitarian relief and development in developing countries, Harmony has owned several small businesses. Centered around leadership and communication the businesses include speakers coaching, marketing, digital marketing, communications, and art-related retail products.

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