In-House Leadership Development

Attention: HR Directors and Hiring Mangers


Take your staff performance
to the next level

Why do your supervisors and managers fail?

Leading Under Pressure

Miquel is great machinist but does he motivate and inspire the team when times are tough? Production is not where it needs to be. What can you do?

From Friends to Frustration

Who knows the office procedures better than Rose? She has worked at the company for six years and developed friendships. She got promoted and the team isn’t happy.

New and emerging leaders need help!

Can you afford to continually recruit?

Based on years of experience in the field, we can safely assume that you are recruiting too often for the same managerial and supervisory roles. Why spend thousands of dollars recruiting new people when you could invest in your social capital and save time and money?

Help Your People Succeed

Focus on the 20% who deliver results and can influence the 80%. Give them the tools they need to succeed. Teach them how to lead. Let your team leaders create a triple-win scenario. They grow and become better people. They influence people in the workplace to do likewise. The company accomplishes its goals for less money.

Harmony Thiessen

Founder, In Harmony Training

We Can Help

We offer in-house leadership training sessions for new and emerging leaders. We come to your office, manufacturing plant or warehouse for a 2-hour, 4-hour, or an all-day leadership development training session.

The class is only one part of the equation. Students are required to do pre and post-class work to ensure that they understand how the #LeadershipTerrific! principles integrate into their various roles and functions.

We don’t teach – we facilitate learning!  Our job is not done until our new and emerging leaders understand how to apply what they have learned into their present responsibilities.

Harmony Thiessen

Founder, In Harmony Training

Report Card

We provide reporting – we communicate with you about the progress of your leaders so that you are informed and are able to encourage and or celebrate their progress.

Personalized attention

We offer consulting – working alongside a new or emerging leader to help them grow their leadership muscle while on the job.

We Can Customize

We customize programs, based on our fundamental truths of leadership, to empower and educate your new and emerging leaders.

Topics can include leadership training on team-building and collaboration, leading difficult people, problem-solving, holding people accountable and how to keep yourself a “healthy” leader. In fact, there are a lot of topics we cover, and if we don’t, we customize to meet your need. You can see a collection of some of the topics we provide listed below.

We teach that LEADERS MOVE FIRST. When everyone else is wondering how to protect themselves or is paralyzed in fear and indecision, leaders help us find our way.

Harmony Thiessen

Founder, In Harmony Training

We Work to Contribute

Our vision is about contribution. Our founder, Harmony Thiessen, has been doing this work for decades. Her commitment to developing leaders is evidenced by years of education, application and working with people. We are fueled by a desire to help people live and work and see life from a “can do” attitude that inspires others to do likewise.

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See what others are saying

We had Harmony speak at our yearly conference two years in a row. Both years Harmony was voted the most popular speaker, offering very insightful information on leadership development (in our case, on the problem of limited time resources) through an entertaining and engaging presentation. I continue to hear positive remarks from our constituents.

Corky Kyle

Director, CALA

I can’t say enough good things about our Respect in the Workplace training with Harmony Thiessen. She was extremely attentive in the process of getting everything set up just the way we wanted the training to be laid out. She responded to requests quickly and had really good insights into what would be best practice for the company. Not only did we get training with Harmony but we gained a valuable resource as well. From a Human Resources standpoint, I would highly recommend taking Harmony’s training that covered many important topics in a fun format. From the employee’s standpoint, they loved it! I heard a lot of “that wasn’t bad at all, it was actually fun!” which is exciting to hear from HR training.

Rachel Jaakola

Director of Human Resources, Barber-Nichols Inc

We commissioned Harmony Thiessen to assist in the bridge-building process between employees and to help create a new work environment. Harmony began the process with a number of group training sessions followed with individual and small group meetings. Through her efforts, we were able to reach the roots of the major issues and develop a strategy to address the cause of the friction. Through her influence, we were able to initiate steps which eventually resulted in the most cohesive group of employees I have had the privilege to associate with.

Harmony was delightful, had a great sense of humor, and was unafraid to look at the serious issues directly. Her relentless questioning of “why” brought us face to face with the sometimes-uncomfortable truth impeding any form of real progress. She is a source of light; I encourage any serious business owner to consider her engaging her assistance.

Dennis Scott

Executive Director, Castle Country Assisted Living

I learned so much about myself and what makes me tick. How I see others will definitely change. I can see this lesson working in my personal relationships too. This course was a game changer!

From Building Powerful Teams

January 2018, Denver CO

Harmony has very thought-provoking material that really makes you think. The time spent on how to practically implement the material is what will be most valuable to me in the future.

I loved Harmony’s ability to “read” the room and make connections with people. She told stories that were applicable to the content and used them throughout the class to help us integrate the material. I can’t wait to try this at work!

From Tough Talks @ Work

March 2018, Bellingham WA

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Topics on Leadership Training

The Leaders Mindset

Think – How Leaders Think Differently
Habits – 7 Habits of Leaders that Get Things Done
Move – Leaders Move First, then ask others to follow

Leaders Solve Problems

Analyze – Leaders find the real problem
Disruption – Leaders are willing to change things
Implementation – Leaders create game plans to implement change

Leaders Develop People

Choose the right team players
Build synergy within the team
Delegate for best team performance
Coaching and mentoring for growth

Leaders Communicate Effectively

Active Listening – Leaders listen better
Talk Digital – Using email, social media and text effectively
Inspire – Leaders light up the world
Report – Leaders report what matters
Tough Talks – Leaders bring accountability

Leaders Innovate

Change – How leaders can implement a good idea
Shake – Loosen up your preconceived ideas – dazzle your doubts
Sell – Leaders sell the vision

Leaders Resolve Conflicts

Negotiate – Leaders find the sweet spot
See Differently – Leaders understand “perspective reasoning.”