Leadership Development Courses for
New and Emerging Leaders

Build Performance, Productivity, and Profit – Invest in People

Leadership Mindset

Leaders think differently. Their thoughts and habits determine their success. We feature foundational courses on big thinking, personal growth, developing persistence, overcoming obstacles, self-confidence, and being a “Go Giver!”

Building High Performing Teams

Building teams with synergy and acumen are key to the overall success of the project. We help leaders identify the resources they need and how to find the right people for the team. Coaching and mentoring, performance management, working through conflict, and improving communications and more.

Communication Skills

Leaders rise and fall on their ability to communicate effectively. We focus on active listening, having difficult conversations, reporting effectively, and creating impact through written material online and off. We dive into public speaking in presentations, for groups and selling ideas.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Resolving disputes with customers, co-workers and management is uncomfortable for most of us. Leaders focus themselves and others on the bigger picture through conflict management skills, understanding personal and cultural bias, and negotiating to insure more than a win-win outcome.

Problem Solving

Leaders must have a keen ability to uncover the “real” problem and how many degrees of separation exist between the problem and the desired outcome. Learning to analyze, disrupt the status quo, risk failure and planning strategically to engage implementation provides solid leadership in tough times.


While not all leaders are innovators, some have the ability to think creatively and challenge the status quo. They to learn from every situation and every person they encounter. Courses offered in cognitive creative skills, risk analysis, research, collaboration and leading through change.