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When leadership is deliberate leadership, someone is inviting us to join them.

There are almost 1 trillion searches in Google Search today asking about leadership. People thrive on leadership. When there is a leader, there is movement. Someone is going somewhere.

The very idea of going somewhere is intriguing. It’s a curiosity. What is beyond us? What could be different?  What will they experience or get that I won’t if I don’t see what they are up to?

“Where are you headed, Mister?”

They lead. We move. They influence our thinking. And we follow. It may or may not be deliberate leadership, but they are leading nonetheless.

What Happens When our Leadership Becomes Deliberate Leadership?

I can’t think of a better way to explain leadership that to suggest it is a persuasion we have over others, and as John Maxwell coined the phrase, “leadership is influence.” Leadership is a suggestion by word or action, that if we did the same thing they are doing, we would be moving too. We would go in the direction of our conviction. Or, we would be in search of a conviction.

If a leader has a passion or a conviction and they pursue it while inviting others to join them, their influence or leadership becomes deliberate leadership. They have taken the initiative to challenge others to join in. And we have deliberate leadership at work.

Deliberate Leadership for the Human Journey?

My intention is to dedicate this #LeadershipTerrific! blog magazine as a call for deliberate leadership. I am looking for those who will help us grow into even more than we presently imagine. I want to awaken the stirring, set a match to the compost, and arouse the royalty laying dormant in so many worthy leaders. I suspect that leader  may “be” you.

Not all people who lead us are leading us where we need to go. They are influencing the path of humankind toward outcomes that may not serve us a species or individual beings.

While I come from a deep sense of spiritual convictions – better said “spiritual awe,” my hope is not to persuade you to feel those same humbling, but rather to help you become more curious of your own.

Deliberate Leadership In Action

How will you know if you are leading? I used to answer my students quickly with the obvious, “is anyone following you?” Over the years I have had to challenge my assumptions. Leadership, whether deliberate leadership or not, is not so easily measured.

Leadership permeates the intangible nuances of thought. We don’t really know who is following us or where our influence reaches. The “butterfly effect” of our words and actions have been proven to affect the outcomes of events worldwide.

This then is the premise: we are all leading. We are all creating a path of persuasion, whether deliberate or not. The consequences of our choices, votes, actions, and conversations affect others. Deliberate leadership would demand that we make that persuasion or influence a deliberate choice. We become conscious creators of the path we choose, knowing that when we do, others may follow.

Call for Deliberate Leadership

Become more a more curious student of influence. Watch others and then watch whose is watching them. Observe the power of a conversation and how it affects people. Who tells who. Who overhears and spreads the word.
Watch the rise and fall of the human spirit when people are courageous and give of themselves.

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