Harmony Thiessen

Harmony Thiessen


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A few months ago, I was doing some training gig in the south. I took Delta airlines. As usual, my seat was comfortably positioned at the rear of the plane. I don’t mind that much honestly, except it does take a long time before you are able to get off the plane. You spend a good deal of time waiting, crouching, and looking at other people, looking at their phones.

Hurry up and wait!
I think it’s so funny when people keep trying to leave the plane when they are behind another 33 passengers. They keep picking up their small bag and positioning themselves to move, only to once again, breathe deeply and settle back.

Leadership is using our influence to make a movement in the Universe.

Harmony Thiessen

Magic Tricks and a Brilliant Additude

I wish I could remember the mans’ name. I told myself not to forget, but I forgot to remember.
Before we could even begin to stir, the flight attendant came to the back of the plane and asked the strangest question. “Hey everyone, how about some magic tricks?”

I’ll be honest, I thought he was just playing around for a minute and I barely noticed him. But, he was serious. The next thing I knew, he was asking for volunteers and taking out some equipment from his bag of delight!

That Delta flight attendant got people laughing. He surprised us by doing some tricks that were not the “norm” or what we would expect. He was entertaining and fully gave himself to the task. I felt valued somehow.

How Much Time Did it Take?

We hardly noticed the First-Class, Business Class, Economy Plus Class, and Economy Class as they disembarked. In fact, almost 15 minutes passed but I don’t think we were aware. Mr. Flight attendant distracted us from our woes by stepping up and using his influence.

What Was The Payoff?

I doubt very seriously if Delta Airlines paid him a bonus for doing magic tricks for the folks at the back of the plane. Every suspicion says he performed because he himself is determined to make the experience of people he served, just that much better.

Mr. Flight Attendant, you made our lives richer. It was a little thing that made a big impact. Thank you.

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