In Harmony Training 

Helping Leaders See Differently

In Harmony Training Focus – To Help You See Differently

In Harmony Training Intention is to serve community by cultivating leaders

In order to facilitate better communities for people to live and work we develop new and emerging leaders. At In Harmony Training, we tend to focus on helping people solve problems. That one skill alone could change the world.

Students at In Harmony Training 

Our emerging leaders develop the habit of “seeing differently” than everyday folks. They see the world through the lens of possibility and consequently value the unique contribution of each human being.

Teachers at In Harmony Training 

Teachers arrive at each class prepared to help people excel.  We are as good as our last class. No excuses.

In Harmony Training founder,  Harmony Thiessen

For over 30 years Harmony has been working to develop leaders and served in over 20 countries. In 2018 she made a bold move. We moved the company, the concept and the dream to the West Coast with our offices in Bellingham, Washington. The lifestyle, the clean air and community spirit foster the ultimate goal of In Harmony Training – to build people. It’s a privilege. And we know it.

Industries we serve

The hospitality, manufacturing, retail, finance, insurance, transportation, and restaurant industries. Because of our leadership principles, we don’t quiver from any industry! You name it, we’ve been there. And then some.



Students become better leaders.

Leaders change the world.


I believe the foundation to a great leader is the ability to see themselves and their world through a variety of lenses, and then to help others do the same

Harmony Thiessen

Founder, In Harmony Training

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Meet the Trainer

Harmony Thiessen

Harmony Thiessen has spoken to over 200,000 people in over 20 countries for over 30 years! Born to inspire, Harmony’s focus is to develop the leadership skills and traits found in every human being. She’s an early riser.  Before the sun begins the daylight dazzle, she is working on her own personal development.

In her early career, Harmony developed Leadership Training Institutes with various non-profit organizations. She has written voraciously on the topic and developed over 30 leadership courses based on interactive learning principles that integrate the information with the needs of the learner. A leader herself, Harmony has owned several small businesses and worked as a leader in many organizations. Harmony’s graduate studies majored in leadership and curriculum design. She serves on several leadership teams in business, was a member of the Disaster Relief Management for the Canadian Red Cross and worked as a court-appointed advocate for Children. (CASA).

Having lived in Canada for decades, she recently returned to the United States and currently resides and is creating “home” in Northwest Washington.

My work is powered by a vision for meaningful change that enhances the lives of others and brightens our world. I offer a spirit of collaboration and kind gestures of peace.