Break Your Problem into Pieces!

You Know When You Have Had Enough!

We have all been there.  We stumble over, make excuses for, and do our very best to ignore the root problem.  Maybe we don’t know what it is. Maybe we are too afraid to see it.

But, something’s got to give.

Your Coach- Harmony
30 Years Coaching
2018 Learned to Fly (metaphorically)
2019 Learning to Soar!

When that moment arrives – I can help you in a big way.

Are you “finished“, “done“, or “fed-up“?

Ready to be free?  We should talk.

We will identify the real root, look at what feeds it, examine what you want instead, itemize what needs to change, establish a game plan that works (And really this is the kicker – I have a proven method that allows you to create the change you want without self-sabotage!) and help you stay accountable.

When you are really “fed-up” it is the time to take action.  Don’t wait until you are acquiescent again – Let me help YOU to SOLVE the real problem. Trust me, it is easier than you can imagine right now.

I have been dealing with the same garbage for several years. I tried many approaches. Harmony is not the first coach I worked with. But I can say with confidence, she is the last – at least with this issue. Troubles in my thinking became a problem in my work.  My husband tried to tell me that it wasn’t’ the job, but for the past 4 years, I couldn’t see it. Harmony’s methods are creative, fun and I got what  I needed. I have no problem recommending SMASH to anyone looking for a solution.


Director of Human Resources, Washington

What Do I Do?

I always show up. 100%.

We meet by phone, video conferencing, or in-person for an hour.

  • I listen carefully to what you have to say
  • I will ask you questions – lots of questions.
  • When necessary, I will challenge your assumptions
  • I will help you look for patterns that cause problems
  • I will feed your creativity.
  • I will provide a roadmap.
  • I will celebrate your SMASH!

Happiness Guaranteed


Beyond the hours we spend together, you will have access to ask questions by email for the duration of the coaching relationship.  Unlimited access. Once the SMASH coaching is complete, you may from time to time still have questions. Fire away, your ongoing success matters to me. A successful coaching arrangement depends as much upon you and it does on my ability to help you. We have to bring our best to the table. Let’s do this and watch a new reality unfold!



What Will You Do?

You will show up. 100%.

You will come prepared for our meeting. You take this seriously.

  • You are ready to work.
  • You do the work.
  • You practice with the principles you learn.
  • You offer a willingness to try new approaches.
  • You withhold judgment of yourself and our process.
  • You follow the roadmap.
  • You SMASH right through your problem into a health outcome.

What Will It Cost?

  • Each session is $250 USD  and you pay in advance of each session.
  • Typically coaching sessions include 6-10 sessions
  • There is no contract. Results drive conditions.
“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”
(The amazing Zig Ziglar)

Don’t tolerate the trap anymore!  Let’s SMASH!

Book a 30-Minute Complimentary Discovery Call and ask what you need to ask! I don’t sell. I serve. Results sell themselves.

Life is an adventure! If my phone calendar is too booked up, contact me directly and let me see what I can do! We can SMASH that problem too!


You can spot a leader because they are ahead of the pack. Don’t wait for others before you help change our world – lead the way! We are right behind you.

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