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Take your staff performance
to the next level

Your new supervisors may be great at a job, but do they know how to L.E.A.D?

We have all been there. Mary is great at digital marketing. She is quick. She is efficient. And, she has been here 2 years. And, we need a supervisor. Let’s choose Mary.

Whoops! Mary has no idea how to get along with the team, never mind lead them to greatness.

In fact, we have a mutiny on our hands. The team is not responding to Mary’s style. There is talk of quitting.

Small Business Leadershipr Training

How Do We Help?

Simply put, we develop leaders.

We work with ordinary people who have a desire to become their best selves and we help them stretch to new horizons.

We don’t stop there!

We offer the Happiness Guarantee – We ensure students have what they need to develop as leaders. If after the course is completed, the student does not feel they received teaching that will help them do what they need to do at work – we offer a 100% refund. Gladly. We want you Happy!

We Get Results

1. We provide leadership training that directly impacts performance in the workplace.

2. Our training doesn’t start and stop the day of the actual course like many leadership programs do.

Check out our process and see how it works.

• Students have mandatory 1-hour pre-class work
• Students enjoy an interactive and entertaining 2-hour class
• Students choose from integrative techniques
• Students complete the class with a 2-hour post-class assignment to ensure integration.
• Students have access to the trainer for 2 weeks for further follow-up questions or issues.
• Employers can request a one paragraph written progress summary after each course is completed to document your employee progress.

Why wait?

Put your team on the path leadership that will take your own business to new levels.

We deliver quality leadership education and development – every time!

The Leaders Mindset

Think – How Leaders Think Differently
Habits – 7 Habits of Leaders that Get Things Done
Move – Leaders Move First, then ask others to follow

Leaders Solve Problems

Analyze – Leaders find the real problem
Disruption – Leaders are willing to change things
Implementation – Leaders create game plans to implement change

Leaders Develop People

Choose the right team players
Build synergy within the team
Delegate for best team performance
Coaching and mentoring for growth

Leaders Communicate Effectively

Active Listening – Leaders listen better
Talk Digital – Using email, social media and text effectively
Inspire – Leaders light up the world
Report – Leaders report what matters
Tough Talks – Leaders bring accountability

Leaders Innovate

Change – How leaders can implement a good idea
Shake – Loosen up your preconceived ideas – dazzle your doubts
Sell – Leaders sell the vision

Leaders Resolve Conflicts

Negotiate – Leaders find the sweet spot
See Differently – Leaders understand “perspective reasoning.”

Every course is only $199! No Kidding.

Your course includes the pre-course and post-course assignments, a dynamic course in an area near you, email contact with the trainer for 2 weeks after the class if you need help with integration at work, even a report on student progress available to the employer upon request.

Why wait a minute longer?

Find a course in your area - #LeadershipTerrific!

See what others are saying

We had Harmony Thiessen speak to the chamber Small Business Roundtable in January 2017. She certainly demonstrated her expertise in problem-solving and creative thinking – while helping each person in the audience get connected with the information and engaged with their own process. I highly recommend Harmony to any group looking to inspire and educate their members in problem-solving. I might add, Harmony is very easy to work within the administrative process, arrived early, and came prepared.
Nancy Walsh

Membership Services, Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce

We invited Harmony Thiessen to be our keynote speaker, to which she spoke on change in the most positive and enlightening way. The response from our audience was overwhelmingly gushing with praise on the content and approach to a subject which affects us all in our day to day lives. Her dynamic and informative speech was clearly the highlight of the evening and the impact of her message still resonates strongly within me.
Charles Wiebe

Vice-President, Fraser Valley Real Estate Board

Not only does Harmony Thiessen’s book need to be added to your library, but she is one of the greatest women speakers on the circuit today! Her message on ‘leadership’ and ‘change’ will get you to re-think the way you lead, and encourage you to re-evaluate your resistance to change. Her message is fresh, inspirational and definitely needed in today’s challenging times. She is truly a heart-felt inspiration.
Patrick Snow

International Best-Selling Author, Creating Your Own Destiny, The Affluent Entrepreneur and Boy Entrepreneur

Our #LeadershipTerrific! program sets the stage for a dramatic change in your workplace.
We teach your staff leadership skills and the ability to execute those new skills on the job.