Values Motivation Will Last a Career, Rewards Might Last A Contract


This simple understanding can quickly remake your team morale, productivity, and longevity, all essential in today’s competitive workplace culture. Values motivation means we support the values of the team member we are working with, and we connect that value to their work performance.


Do they love automony, adventure, variety, silence, challenge?  Their education and degrees won’t matter, if they can’t find themself in their work.


Rewards motivation means we support our team members by offering our company benefits and rewards and connect those benefits to their work performance

Both work to some degree. And, it’s possible for the short term that the health insurance benefit or the on-site daycare is critical to the employee. They might show motivation, but for how long? That all depends on the significance they feel in their work, and the changing needs they experience in their environment.


Why Employees (Team Members) Stay

values motivation


According to all the latest research, when we work because it satisfies an inner drive or longing, we are not only motivated, we stay motivated. If you are lucky enough to find a job where you feel that your contribution will connect you to something bigger than yourself, you will most likely stay.  At least until you don’t think that way anymore.

A great leader will recognize the signs of transition and take some straightforward steps to get that employee re-energized.

They will ask questions and take the time to listen sincerely.

We change as we grow, and our families grow. What we needed five years ago may not have the same effect today.  Leaders understand that their teams are people first, and workers second. The people inside drive the worker we need.


True Confessions and Great Resources


I thought I was the leader, the forerunner in this groundbreaking insight, until I went to Google.  Shockingly,(not!) others also have given this notion a go-round. Here are some in-depth articles on the topic, from Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Talkdesk, and Richard Step.

  1. Harvard Business Review: Why Employees Stay: ” Employees with shorter service stay for internal reasons, their inertia being strengthened by a combination of job satisfaction and the job setting. However, after five years of service, environmental reasons begin to appear, while internal reasons tend to slip in relative significance.”  This article is an in-depth and thoughtful look at employee engagement through reward.
  2. Forbes: True or False? Employees Today Only Stay a Year or Two – It’s true. And it’s false. Much depends on your ability to lead effectively.  Read the signs, ask questions, listen thoughtfully, and take action.
  3. Talkdesk: 20 Ways to Increase Employee Motivation Using Rewards   Don’t jump to conclusions.  The “rewards” that they suggest target the transitions I mentioned.  Good list of practical ideas
  4. Richard Step: 48 Core Values; Motivation for Work Satisfaction – This is a list article, and it provides some concrete ideas for motivating by internal values.  (I saved it for reference!)

External rewards (like compliments, fitting into a smaller size, or winning a race) might get a person started but long-term motivation depends on a person’s values and processes for achieving goals.(Michael Mantell)


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